Real time Interface for Predictive Dialers

The interface provides real time interface for transactions between Predictive Dialers and client's database. The database may transmit lists of campaigns or accounts to a predictive dialer and capture / update real time responses from the dialer. The interface may be used in a batch mode also. Customized solutions provide a very efficient tools for call management.

Document Management System - WinScan

Document Management Electronic Filing System. Documents managing solutions virtually eliminate filing cabinets and converts all kinds of paperwork into instantly accessible and easily stored electronic documents.

Power Dialer - PDCat

Offers call list to be dial by predictive diallers and corresponding updates to me made to client database on real time environment.

Data Aquisition and Posting - Bar Code and Check Readers

The product captures information off the Magnetic Ink print line of a check and update client's database for future reference.